Direct Mail

Direct Mail can provide clear and proven results when done right. It remains part of every ambitious marketing growth plan. Direct mail ROI can even outperform Facebook!

The Instinctive Insights approach to direct mail marketing is almost twice as effective as traditional tactics.

Instinctive Insights Direct Mail by the numbers

  • 80% improvement over traditional direct mail
  • 1,021% Direct Mail ROI (first-time / new client)
  • 1,026% Direct Mail ROI (all clients / all instances)

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach to direct mail eliminates unnecessary spending by starting with a close examination of hundreds of data points that we comb through to understand who your customers are. We learn about their lifestyles, and how they spend their time and money. Compare this with the traditional approach that relies on basic data points like generic geographic distances and average incomes to blanket entire zip codes with postcards.

What we learn about your current and former customers is applied to other households in the market and identifies which are the most likely to convert when presented with a compelling offer.

Our work gets your promotions and offers directly into the hands of future customers, and we convert 80% more than traditional direct mail tactics all while sending fewer mailers.

Persona-Based Data & Design

Emphasize the services or products that are most likely to resonate with each prospect household. Using our specialized data and production processes, the imagery and content on each household's direct mail piece can be personalized. So whether a prospect is a Young Professional, a Couple, a Family with younger or older children, or an empty-nest Senior, each household can be sent a different message that matches their interests, life stage, and lifestyle.

Smart Saturation

Pre-sales, Coming Soon and Grand Opening marketing strategies often start with a "go big or go home" approach, and rightfully so. Smart Saturation is Instinctive Insights' hybrid model blending our unique approach with the traditional carrier route approach.

When branding is the initial play it makes sense to go after the masses following a scaled-back plan so that over time and as sales goals are incrementally met, reach and spend are adjusted accordingly. Our hybrid model is the only way to manage results from a facts & figures perspective. Make informed decisions about future investments when you're armed with data and insights .

Learn more about Smart Saturation Direct Mail.

Key Takeaways

Direct Mail is More Relevant Than Ever

You may have heard that direct mail is dead. Maybe you’ve been read that “This is Meta’s world now.” At Instinctive Insights, in first-time campaigns, direct mail actually outperforms Facebook. Improving conversions while reducing costs is the Instinctive Insights Direct Mail promise.

Predictive Models Make All the Difference

Most marketing agencies can obtain data and to some extent manage it to gain insights into possible future behaviors. This has been in play for years and is nothing new.

More about Predictive Models.

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