Our Method

You may have seen us post stats from client campaigns boasting ROI percentages in the 1,000s. As implausible as this may seem, it's true. So how can we deliver such great returns on investment? And more importantly, how can we prove it?

Here’s what sets the Instinctive Insights process apart from what other agencies are doing.

Unique Targeting Process

We Get to Know the members

We append hundreds of data points to each member's household record to truly understand what a club's membership base looks like. These data points are analyzed, processed, and then used to build distinct persona profiles.

We Find who's missing

Using what was learned about current members, we scour the surrounding geographic area to find non-member households who look and behave like current members.

We Predict the future

At this point, our proprietary Predictive Models—engineered explicitly for the fitness industry—perform the real magic. These models stack-rank non-member households from "least-likely” to “most-likely" to convert. This step is crucial for effective targeting. It enables stakeholders to know, with confidence, which households to invest in right now.  Dive deeper into our Predictive Modeling.

We target the best households and overturn the idea that marketing is just an expense. When done right, it’s a profit center.

Relatable Ad Content

Our creative design team builds marketing campaigns with distinct ads that resonate with each persona profile. The design and content are tailored to meet them where they’re at in life by presenting the most relevant club programs and services.

We Prove It Worked

After campaign maturity, we demonstrate ROI and acquisition cost by showing the number of household conversions achieved in each channel.

  • We know which households were targeted and which channels reached them.
  • We know they were not members prior to the campaign.
  • We can see that they joined during the course of campaign activity.

It’s a clean, accurate, and ethical process whereby names and physical addresses are matched from the target list to the active member list.

Start your membership gains today with Instinctive Insights.

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