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Social Apps sell advertising to all of us, right where we’re spending our time: on their platforms. What this means to marketers and organizations buying ad space is that their “product” is data. And this is great news if you are investing in social apps to get your promotion in front of people in your area. Especially if you're working with us!

So much data

As a business owner, you don’t have the time to sort through hundreds of data points to decide which ones are valuable and which ones are noise. Fortunately for our clients, it's part of our job at Instinctive Insights to answer that question. For years now, we have been using online marketing to deliver amazing ROI numbers for our clients.

What if you got over 1,000% return on your investment? This is what we deliver for our clients. Time and time again.

Advertise Smarter

We first analyze your data to better understand who your current customers are. Then we apply the key data points to the prospect market to find the households that are similar. Our Predictive Models stack rank the look-a-like targets to bring those most likely to convert to the top for immediate investment.

Target lists are loaded, ads and landing pages are designed and campaigns are set up and launched. Our campaigns put ads in front of the right people spending time on social media.

ROI Reports prove results

ROI reporting is baked into our process. You don't have to ask for campaign performance details. Our online reporting dashboard exists to make it easy for you to see, proof positive, whether social media is - or isn't working for your brand.

Key Takeaways

List types matter

Our Predictive Models carve out the local households most likely to become customers when engaged with ads. We upload these highly-valuable prospects into each social media ad campaign, essentially telling the channel which households get ads.

Instinctive Insights uses the best of both worlds, combining our traditional, hyper-focused targeting of households with the highest likelihood of converting, with Facebook’s look-alike algorithms. This broadens the reach of each campaign and also validates our lists as being the better option.

Ad formats matter

We maximize views, clicks, and shares, as well as the overall user experience by following best practices. We primarily run:

  1. Static Ad: Single square image
  2. Video Ad: 19:9 or square format video
  3. Slideshow Ad: Square format with 3–6 slides (runs like a video ad)

Each of those formats also has a stories variant for the Stories feed on Facebook and Instagram—where you hold your phone vertically and the content takes up the full screen.

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