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You can't get this anywhere else. We are the only agency that can show true ROI for search marketing.

Traditional SEM

The traditional method of investing in SEM for businesses and marketing agencies is to set Ad Spend and Management Fees, and hit go! No one knows which consumers are searching for a brand or its services, and we surely don’t know who took an action we wanted. In a traditional SEM environment, marketing dollars are spent to deliver ads measured by impressions, clicks, and CPC. Monetization of the investment is not possible. That’s not acceptable and not a smart way of doing business.

The Instinctive Insights Difference

Our highly-skilled team has wired sophisticated tracking, enabling us to uncover vital details about previously anonymous households engaging our clients via Google, Bing, and Yahoo search. This tracking allows our data team to link an individual's search behavior to sales conversion, which helps our clients compare acquisition costs in SEM to other marketing tactics.

True ROI Reporting

We won’t waste your time and money promising how many screens will carry your ads or how many eyes will see them. Impressions and frequency matter, but if you want your advertising dollars to count, our focus on conversion and acquisition cost is what matters.

With acquisition cost baselines, Instinctive Insights clients can view SEM as a profit center and investment, not simply an expense.

We’ll show you how to know what you get back for every dollar you spend with Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo.

Key Takeaways

What SEM is

SEM (search engine marketing) is a targeted system of paying to deliver your site to potential future customers when they are searching for what you're selling. With effective SEM, you can be sure that your ads appear at the top of the page when a local person searches terms most closely associated with your organization.

What Traditional SEM does not do

In the traditional method of investing in SEM for businesses, monetizing ad spend or proving the rate of return is impossible. A common practice for marketing agencies is to set Ad Spend and Management Fees and hit go! No one knows the identity of who is searching for a brand or its services or what action they took once down browsing. Marketing dollars are spent to deliver ads, with results measured by impressions, clicks, and CPC. And a dirty little secret is that most agencies are simply using the Google AI and not adding tangible strategic value.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is a phrase tossed around by marketing agencies without a clear definition. Instinctive Insights' dedicated and experienced teams are in client campaigns several times weekly to optimize performance and ensure the highest rate of return is achieved. We do not set it and forget it.

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