Smart Saturation Direct Mail

We’re using a mix of tight and loose matching to assign attribution and prove campaign ROI.

Go big or go home.

Smart Saturation is Instinctive Insights’ unique hybrid solution that combines standard carrier route data with household-level data when clients are seeking a broad strategy. "Pre-Sales", "Coming Soon" and "Now Open" are examples of opportune times to use blanket coverage tactics.

Our process is smarter than traditional saturation mail campaigns that simply put a postcard in every mailbox. We use the myriad data points we already know about the households in each carrier route to identify which routes have the highest saturation of qualified households.

The Results
  • Truthful ROI reporting requires having the names and addresses of the targets and those who have converted.
  • In the Smart Saturation approach, this level of detail is unknown, and conversions are loosely reported using address only.
  • In our traditional, highly targeted method names and addresses are known for every household being targeted.
  • The Smart Saturation methodology comes in around 70%, meaning we’re able to get household-level data, including names and addresses for about 70% of the target list.

With the Smart Saturation method, it’s possible to reach more potential customers without being haphazard about the approach.

Smart Saturation is a thoughtful, coordinated approach that minimizes wasted spend, maximizes return, and lays the foundation for highly targeted marketing efforts to continue and profit, well beyond pre-sales and grand openings.

Key Takeaways

Smart Saturation reaches the masses

"Pre-Sales", "Coming Soon," and "Now Open" marketing needs to be BIG! But it also needs to produce tangible results. Our hybrid solution is an affordable, effective approach.

Smart Saturation is adaptive

Once campaign results are analyzed and ROI reports shared, the next phase of Smart Saturation targeting adapts to real-world results and the next phase becomes that much smarter!

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