Video Ad Marketing

It’s all the rage! We know the power of video in marketing and our talented team creates custom, engaging video content for our client campaigns.

We live in a Video World

Streaming video is a mainstay of modern life; we consume streaming content daily through our phones, laptops, and even our smart TVs. In fact, streaming video is poised to overtake TV as our primary video source.

Video ismore important than ever.

It used to be that only the largest companies could afford to advertise with video. Now any size business not leveraging video in their marketing mix will be overshadowed by their competition. Thankfully, it’s easier now than ever.

How do our curated lists come into play?

When video ads are placed on Facebook & Instagram, we control the list, meaning we upload a custom curated list of targets to get the videos in front of. This enables accurate ROI reporting of each campaign’s investment.

YouTube, owned by Google, is a different story. They have a minimum ad spend requirement before custom lists can be used. We create custom audiences in the channel until the minimum spend is met. TikTok does not allow custom list use and requires areas to be selected, such as cities and states to define the audience. We work with our clients using the data we have on their market to hone in on the appropriate areas.

Our active client Video CTR outperformed static ads by 206% on social media.

Key Takeaways

Video ad marketing done right

If you're one of the many organizations without a design team, don't worry! Our creative team can help by creating unique video content just for you. Whether it's creating on-brand video ads for social and video channels to showcase your amenities, services, and offers, or just altering your existing video media pieces to promote current offers and services–we've got you covered. And your new video assets will fit seamlessly into the larger campaign as a whole.

Video is king

TikTok has been shown to earn between 133% and 200% ROI on video ad spend, some even as high as 1,500% return! Other companies are less forthcoming about their data. But we know from independent research that on Facebook, native video gets 10x more shares than linked YouTube videos and that the first 3 seconds of video are responsible for 47% of the ad revenue. Instagram is a child company of Meta, just like Facebook. Instagram has become the most downloaded app with nearly 60% of users logging in daily. Native video is at the heart of Instagram growth and Instagram advertising.

Video makes you money

The goal of marketing activity is to make money. Video is one sure way to engage prospects with compelling content that resonates and incites them to act. Our data and creative teams know the 'ins and outs' of each channel and produce video campaigns that deliver results: new customers!

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