Predictive Models

The secret sauce that finds your next best members.

Predictive Models are the unique differentiator to pay attention to.

We engineer industry-specific Predictive Models. They are proprietary, and no other agency or group can do what we do. Predictive Models serve our clients in many ways:

  • They drill targeting down to the ideal households to invest in - the ones most likely to convert.
  • They adjust and learn from real-world campaign activity to get smarter and repeatedly project future marketing investments, focusing on the highest number of conversions and best ROI.
  • They establish best-case scenario campaigns that express the maximum investment with the highest rate of return before results are diminished.
  • It is from this perspective that our data team creates scenarios with respect for our client's tolerance for risk and specific goals factored.

Learn more about Predictive Models from Instinctive Insights in this blog post.

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