Results-Focused Marketing

Know if it actually worked.

We answer the "did it work?" questions with demonstrable and quantifiable ROI answers.

It's All About Profit

Marketing is ultimately about profit, and our data-driven processes are focused on improved conversion rates and maximizing ROI across all marketing channels.

Don't be Loosey Goosey

Many competitors attribute conversions with loose or fuzzy matching. This loose-attribution mentality doesn't represent a true view of a campaign's return on investment.

Attributed with Integrity

At campaign maturity, we present a tight match-back report using full name and address matching. We believe that anything less isn't as pure of an analysis of the results.

Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning techniques predict the likelihood of marketing success the next time around. Factored in are various revenue data points to calculate ROI and potential profit. Persona-based targets and execution channels are continuously analyzed for performance, including unpredictable market influences.

Marketing Results Really can be Tracked.

Meticulous Analysis

To successfully track ROI, it is critical to preserve who was engaged, when, via what channel, and with what offer or call to action. We meticulously analyze these details compared to results to present a holistic understanding of what happened.

Robust Reporting

We are not shy about providing hard data and custom reports. Our data gurus are experts at deep analytics and personalized reports that measure performance the way you assess your business

Launch Reports

We are not shy about providing hard data and custom reports. Launch Reports are provided for all new campaigns with thorough analysis of initial performance. This gives client's confidence that campaigns have been deployed and provides a sneak peek at early results.

Results-Focused analysis is only half of the equation.

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