What’s your New Year’s Marketing Plan?

November 16, 2022

The store shelves have already transitioned to Holiday decor. The radio stations are already playing Christmas music. That must mean it's time for the fitness industry to finalize New Year's marketing plans.

As we're sure you know, New Year's resolutions can drive in a significant number of new memberships. This is the time to make sure you get seen. 

You could do this by yourself, but…

The demands of running a club are seemingly endless. You may already be asking your employees to do more than ever because finding enough workers these days is tough, and margins are pulled thin. So on top of it all, developing a marketing plan seems impossible.

Instead, set down the responsibility and enjoy getting results with a partner who cares about your success. We turn marketing from an expense to a profit center.

Take a Look at Your Marketing To-do List

Perhaps you've heard direct mail is a relic of the past... that you can save time and energy by relying solely upon online advertising. Our research shows that direct mail still has an outsized impact on consumer behavior for a variety of reasons that we explain further in this article.

In fact, while Facebook & Instagram stumbles with its emphasis on the "Metaverse" and Twitter struggles under new management, direct mail remains a proven source of new memberships. Instinctive Insights' CEO Jeramy Fishel closely analyzed our historical campaign data and concluded, "direct mail has always been very strong in January and will be this year as well."

You save time and energy by letting Instinctive Insights apply our years of experience and research to your market. So would you rather pull out a sheet of paper and start doodling New Year's slogans, or pick up the phone and dial in proven results?

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