Direct Mail: It Works

October 18, 2022

Junk mail. Snail mail. Spam. 

Words that evoke negative feelings and inherently make us reluctant to engage. This is the paradox of direct mail advertising: one person's junk mail is another person's useful information or another person's life-changing opportunity.

So the question is, "should direct mail remain part of your marketing strategy?"

Unsolicited postcards and mailers can be annoying. But just because something could be annoying doesn't mean it won't be effective.

In fact, the things that make direct mail annoying are precisely why it drives responses.

Excess digital spam in online experiences has caused consumer fatigue and frustration. With a simple tap or swipe digital spam can be ignored. Yet direct mail persists. Physical mailers force the recipient to engage additional senses and require physical effort to get rid of them.

It's been said that physical mail stays in a person's home for an average of 17 days! When compared with the seconds a person sees an article or web page, the power is clear; direct mail isn't one and done—it will be interacted with multiple times.

Controlling the Target Audience Makes Direct Mail Smart

When households are curated via data points from existing member households to uncover those most likely to convert, several beneficial things happen. 

  1. Creative design is tailored to the life stage of the households targeted so content and images resonate
  2. Curated target lists are matched to active member lists to ensure they do not receive these offers.
  3. Attribute conversions upon campaign maturity based on tight data matching
  4. Conversion Metrics, Acquisition Cost, and Campaign ROI are clearly quantified

The effectiveness of direct mail has everything to do with executing a smart, targeted, and personalized advertising experience delivered to your next best members' mailboxes.

In marketing, there are so many forces at work. Detangling the thread to learn what drove a new client or member your way is complex and challenging, but part of the standard package when you work with Instinctive Insights.

The net of direct mail is that when it's done intelligently, costs are managed, waste is eliminated, the households most likely to convert are reached with offers that resonate, and the investment is easily quantified to guide future decisions. Our advice, keep direct mail in the mix when you can execute it intelligently.

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