Finding the RIGHT Target Audience

October 4, 2021

Smart Marketing for Profit

Very often health clubs struggle to find, target and engage the right audience for specialty and niche services and programs.

Let’s face it, you’re heavily invested in delivering programs and services that address the needs and desires of special populations. And by “special populations” I mean those with ailments, chronic illness and injury, as well as those with niche interests like golf, hiking and obstacle course events.

Significant time, energy and money are spent hiring and training staff creating dedicated, branded space, purchasing program-specific equipment and toys, developing programs and schedules, all the while payroll increases, and marketing dollars are being spent. Your team gives it their all and the response from current members and the community is deplorable. I’ve been there. It hurts. It robs energy from the staff, and leaves everyone involved feeling disheartened.

It doesn’t need to play out this way. Not today. Not with the treasure trove of information available to make smart decisions about who to engage. The power of data-driven marketing is being able to predict the likelihood of eliciting a defined behavior. In this case: Joining the Program!   It’s not enough to get a list of prospects in your market with an interest in golf or have self-reported ailments and injuries. A deeper dive is what’s really needed to uncover the demographic and psychographic behaviors that indicate the right fit with a club’s offerings. Opportunity is found in the consumer’s data footprint, left with each search and purchase made.

Few marketing agencies have the capability, in the form of predictive modeling algorithms, to determine which prospects have the highest likelihood of participating when engaged by a club.

Instinctive Insights does. We partner with Health clubs, Gyms and Studios and provide fitness marketing solutions based on practical, data-driven science for profitable growth. We help clubs make smart decisions about who to engage and which channels are investment worthy.

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