Speak to your audience


New Mover

Be the first to get in front of the newest additions to your community, with a welcoming message and attractive offers.

Repeat New Mover

When the data says so, offers are re-sent to the New Mover households with life stage-specific treatments. We know the age and family make-up of each household and send the appropriate version to continue to entice these new to the neighborhood residents to join your fitness community.


Former members are very likely to rejoin the club they once enjoyed when their lives are back in order. Engaging the most appealing subset of former members with relevant offers is one of the most profitable of all marketing efforts.


Our data chops are proven in this persona bucket! We identify the current member households that have an adult non-member residing there. This non-member has never been a member of your club and has been identified in the data as a great fit with your brand. We target the current member with an offer to bring a friend and watch the conversions roll in!

Families with Children Over 13

Families with at least one 13+ year old child in the household means family dynamics are different than households with little kids, and need to be marketed to accordingly. Programs, lessons and experiences geared toward older children are the way to win these new memberships.

Family with Children Under 13

Families with younger kids have their own set of needs that may include childcare during work outs, camps during school breaks, and the occasional Parent’s Night Out. We address the needs and concerns of this population with the features in your club that are just what they’re looking for.

Couples Without Kids

Couples without kids in the home have very different lifestyles from those who do have kids, and so we show them how they can “adult” in your club without references to children and families.


Mature adults who’s kids are grown and gone, who may be retired or winding down their careers seek unique experiences tailored to their abilities and interests. By featuring programs and services dedicated to this life stage, this population feels welcomed and supported.

Seniors with Children in the Home

This is a group of mature adults who still have at least one under 18 year old child in the home, and though they act more like KIDSO13, they’re still of an age where the programs and services for their abilities and interests need to be addressed.

Young Professionals

Locals aged 18 - 29 have their own set of needs and wants from you. Address the unique options your facility offers that appeal to this demographic with youthful images and exciting copy.

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