Wellness and Corporate Programs

October 4, 2021

In an oversaturated vertical as is the Fitness Industry, differentiators are tough to come by. Most every type of fitness, in any size facility, and with any number of price points already exist, so where is the opportunity to distinguish a brand, services, and programming? At Instinctive Insights, we believe it’s in Wellness and Corporate Programs.

Today’s savvy fitness consumers want, no – they expect more from your brand, much more than a traditional fitness experience that simply delivers on its promise and nothing more. The new expectation is that your flavor of fitness offers lifestyle-enhancing experiences like wellness coaching, onsite (and offsite) workplace opportunities, behavior modification programs, like smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management and more.

The path to profiting through Wellness and Corporate Programs isn’t easy to initiate or navigate. Until recently, the fitness industry was all but shunned by the medical community. Fortunately, we fitness folks know what it means to dig deep and grind out that last rep or mile, and our tenacity is paying off. We’ve begun establishing relationships with insurance companies and have even gotten a nod from the Federal Government with the PHIT Act, which on July 25, 2018, generated enough votes in the House to, after a decade, advance to the Senate.

Venturing into Wellness and Corporate Programs doesn’t start ... or stop with patient healthcare systems and delivery. When engaging big business (aka third-party health insurance providers and Uncle Sam) in new payment paradigms, measurable outcomes are required. Standard protocols of care will be necessary and reliant on data. If you aren’t tracking, measuring and reporting program results every step of the way, you can’t play the game.

As you can imagine, the investment in Wellness and Corporate Programs is tremendous. It involves every aspect of your club —properly qualified staff, dedicated space, structured programs, strict tracking, and reporting—much of which may be dictated by the groups you’re seeking reimbursements from.

A significant layer to legitimately competing in this space, and one that is too frequently marginalized, is the commitment to effectively positioning a program through consistent marketing efforts. Data-driven customer acquisition strategies leverage powerful information that’s available on all businesses and individuals to create a predictive modeling solution that responds and adjusts to campaign results and local market changes, delivering the added benefit of predicting ROI and next best targets.

When considering the full scope of time, money and energy put into the end product—a diverse, complete, scalable and customizable set of services and programs addressing physical fitness, behavior modification, and medical wellness solutions—it makes sense that an investment in sound, effective, provable marketing strategies are part of the process. The same degree of specificity that is critical in attributing program results must also be assigned to the promotional process.

Marketing Agencies like Instinctive Insights who have a penchant for data—collection, hygiene, analysis, writing code and algorithms—provide the data-driven structures that enable a systematic approach to acquiring new businesses, groups and individuals to populate wellness and corporate-based programs and memberships.

The biggest value in working with a data-centric agency is in how the project-specific predictive modeling efficiently responds, adjusts, executes and reports on a single objective: Profitability. Once that’s established, meaning profitability, a club can afford to run successful programs like this from a humanitarian perspective, and use the program to give back to local communities.

An essential layer to initiating a successful Wellness and Corporate Program is employing effective Acquisition Marketing tactics routed in data that target, reach, connect, engage, and convert new faces into each round and layer of these programs, with the vital benefits of ROI reporting and predicting future targets. Wellness and Corporate Program.

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