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October 4, 2021

Since March 2021, the Fitness marketing world has remained relatively stable and predictable, and it’s been quite some time since this could be said. While direct mail continues to shine and Facebook/Instagram has rebounded from post-election woes, the focus of this blog is Video.

Videos can be featured on Facebook/Instagram and via other digital media affiliates. Our friends at Cross Gates were kind enough to let us share an example of a well-done Summer 2021 video promotion sharing all the goodness their brand has to offer to new and existing members.

This video appeared on Facebook/Instagram, AdWords and YouTube. Conversion rates (i.e., New Memberships realized during the campaign) were on average, higher in each channel than the traditional still and carousel ads that rounded out the full campaign. This is true for all campaigns using video as part of the ad mix as over the past couple of months, video has been outperforming still ads and carousels in most campaigns.

One of our objectives at Instinctive Insights is to continually provide the Fitness Industry with useful and helpful information that all can benefit from so we can reshape our gyms and health clubs with the most timely and relevant data available. Please read on for best practices and ideas from our expert video team!

It’s ideal to have current videos shot by a professional, especially as we aim to capture the element of “summer” with the realities of “2021,” but we’ve come to appreciate this isn’t always possible. So, if you have older videos, consider splicing them with stills or amateur videos that reflect the current environment at your club. If older videos showcase amenities or services that are not appropriate, take them out.

  • Film and share in the best resolution you can.
  • When recording from a mobile phone, hold the phone horizontally, not vertically.
  • If you’re sharing assets with an agency to create Motion Graphic Video from, .ai, vector and/or png file formats are preferred.
  • If there is audio in the video (not soundtrack) keep that in tact when sharing the file (the experts you’re working with will determine if it can be used in totality, in part or not at all.)
  • If you’re sharing videos with soundtracks, all audio must be removed and replaced if edited. Exceptions are if the working design file used to create that video is provided.
  • Clips, former promos, pictures, still and video ads and hand shot videos can all be useful and it’s preferred that you send whatever you have for best results.
  • Task various staff members to take pics and videos to increase your options for the final output. Having several shorter snippets of a longer video is a great way to keep video content fresh and useable in a variety of social and digital channels.

Sound complicated? It can be! Thus, partnering with experts to help with the available content can be an effective, affordable option to consider.

At Instinctive Insights, you don’t just understand design and video. We curate custom target lists that feed ads and videos to the best prospects in your area, those most likely to be interested in fitness and are a fit for your brand. Because we control the target list, we can analyze your membership roster after a campaign to measure channel profitability, be it direct mail, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, or email marketing.

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