Trends in Search Engine Marketing

January 7, 2022

Marketing companies have been promoting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for well over a decade. And while SEO remains an essential brand-building tool, paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become far more paramount to businesses looking to drive a direct, measurable impact to their bottom line. SEO is undoubtedly still great for organic reach, but it doesn't increase exposure and generate sales nearly as well as SEM.

Our competition, like many marketers, often limits their attention to Google and ignores lower market share search engines altogether. At Instinctive Insights, we harness Google alongside the other players—such as Bing—to create a more robust search presence for our club clients' brands.

The results speak for themselves; take the numbers from a real club client we launched in Q4 2021. Their SEM program's lifetime revenue increased to 3,424% (of ad dollar spend) vs. only 418% before working with Instinctive Insights.

Even with such disparity, it's tough to compare Instinctive Insights ROI against other agencies' results—we have not yet seen a competitive agency that can track and report on new-member joins and ROI as accurately as we can. Other agencies typically rely on rudimentary metrics like impressions, clicks, and leads. While those provide a nice view of the sales funnel, they don't directly translate to tangible new-member joins and true campaign profitability. Why look at lead-acquisition cost when you can examine new-member joins and actual campaign ROI?

With fitness being highly seasonal, it's always a good time to start planning your marketing strategy for the next quarter. Our SEM team is second-to-none, and Instinctive Insights is the only marketing company measuring SEM-based ROI. Everything is reported, from simplistic clicks and impressions to the more complex—but significant—linkage to valid sales and new-member joins.

Instinctive Insights aims to change the marketing conversation from "expenses and cost" to "investments and profitability". We accomplish this with robust data-driven processes and tracking solely focused on proving ROI.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of the SEM potential in your club's market. We'll show you precisely what we can accomplish and how much we think we'll make you—before you even spend a dime.

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