Timely Marketing Best Practices

October 4, 2021

Our job as 21st Century, Pandemic surviving, data-driven marketers is to navigate the current landscape for and with our clients, based on an understanding of what they need from us, and when they will be ready to engage. All the while we acknowledge the difficulty in planning marketing investments with so much uncertainty around daily routines. Going to work is TBD for the many now working from home, and our kids’ educations have been significantly affected. As have their before/after school care and activities.

Our advice is to continue investing in the member experience which has so drastically changed for members, staff, and operators. In every state of the country gyms and health clubs are in various stages of reopening, (or not reopening at all) and consumer decisions about where to become a member are being influenced by these unsettling changes.

This is causing a shift in market share, where displaced members from other clubs seek a new home for their fitness. Here’s where smart, quantifiable Marketing strategies come into play:

  • The message of SAFE and CLEAN should be incorporated into the brand going forward. This message will never get old and so finding a way to weave it into the brand messaging is the ideal.
  • Announce improved practices for sanitization and physical distancing. Keep the voice light and fun where appropriate, with a focus on educating and inspiring confidence.
  • Promote the connection between the programming being offered and the likelihood of boosting immune systems and reducing stress. Move toward physical and mental health benefits and away from looking great in a swimsuit.
  • Be actively marketing online, in social channels and in the mail (both email and direct mail), as often as can be afforded.
  • Track, measure and quantify results to determine campaign ROI.
  • Shift channel investments to follow the profit.

Do not wait for “things to settle down,” promote all the goodness your brand is doing for your members and in your community right now!

What are your thoughts on upcoming marketing efforts? How can we help you?

Deneen Laprade, VP of Business Development with Instinctive Insights and can be reached at dlaprade@instinctiveinsights.com or visit https://www.instinctiveinsights.com

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