How fast are people returning to the gym? Really fast!

March 31, 2022

Members are returning to gyms far faster than expected based on exclusive data we have gathered from our clients with hundreds of health clubs and fitness franchises across the US.

Why? Maybe it's fewer public health mandates. Maybe people are more aware of the risks associated with poor personal fitness. Maybe it's an eagerness to return to normalcy. Maybe folks are just weary of fitness videos in their living rooms. Whatever the reason, nearly every campaign we've launched with our clients in the past two months has surpassed the high-end of projected conversions.

While we know that we have a proven marketing strategy, we also believe a surge is happening right now. This is an unprecedented opportunity for health club owners—if they act quickly.

Plan for your Summer Fitness marketing campaign NOW

Our data shows that clients are getting former and new members to join much faster than expected. This surge creates two sets of pressure on fitness businesses.

First, you want to establish a solid marketing plan and web presence ahead of the spring surge. Whether you have a deep roster of members who stopped attending during the pandemic, or if you are a new franchisee looking to draw new members and clients into your club, the internet still works the same. The sooner you are in the advertising space, the harder it is to unseat you. Like planting a tree, the best time to start building your SEO was a year ago. The second-best time is right now.

Second, you want to jump while there is still water in the pool. We wish that the fitness market was limitless, but it is not. Even the most supportive and engaging programs will not get everyone from the neighborhood into their weight room or pool. The sooner your ads reach the people looking for a post-COVID workout space, the better your chances of being their choice to help them achieve their fitness goals.

If you haven't done so already, it's imperative to start planning summer fitness marketing campaigns now—or hire an expert to manage it for you.

Our results are better than expected

For example, one client saw a 1,113% ROI on a 0.25% conversion rate where we had projected 980% / 0.22%. 

There appears to be a wave of former and new members returning. Like in the rest of the economy, we see health clubs reporting members returning at higher levels than pre-pandemic. Right now is the best time for your club to reconfigure its SEO and marketing strategy.

Many will only join one gym; others will join more than one.

Either way, We want them to work out in your space.

SEO search terms are currently experiencing a surprising shift

We see surprising shifts in what works to get new members into health clubs across the United States.

For New Movers—those folks who are new to the gym where they have purchased a membership and may even be first-time gym members—the average conversion rate in our campaigns was 0.44%, which is higher than the industry average.

But it gets better.

When we engaged them a second and third time, we maintained the SAME 0.44% rate. We could re-engage a subset of attractive new movers multiple times and bring a few more in every time. Now is a great time to be marketing to New Movers in the fitness space.

Summer is nearly upon us. Contact us to create your summer marketing plan today!

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