Smart Saturation


Opening a new club? Investing in a build out? What’s the go-to market strategy to promote the upcoming facilities? When it comes to Marketing Announcement campaigns the goal is to ensure the investment in market research, prospect targeting, framing and delivery of ads that resonate with people who have the highest likelihood of taking the desired action, (for instance joining a health club), is profitable.

Chances are Marketing Announcement budgets are more generous than what is earmarked for ongoing marketing, and with this opportunity comes the requirement that sales objectives are met, and the efforts produce positiveROI. In the past, these “go big or go home” strategies relied on reaching the masses with little ability to target qualified households leaving a significant portion of the campaign as “waste”. Waste in the form of money spent reaching households with little to no interest in what’s being offered. And while there is the expectation that there will be waste in marketing efforts, it can be minimized with the right targeting methodology. 

Reaching the Masses without Sacrificing Quality

Enter Smart Saturation. Smart Saturation is InstinctiveInsights’ unique hybrid solution that combines household level data with carrier route data to establish target lists for a diverse channel mix that contains more specific demographic, psychographic and lifestyle attributes than pure saturation demographics yield.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a costly, yet a highly profitable investment when done right. Our traditional targeting methods hyper-focus on only those households that have high model scores, as determined by our algorithms that analyze and stack rank prospect households.

With Smart Saturation, carrier route level data is collected, and our algorithms are applied to identify the best routes to target. This selection process reduces waste by avoiding routes lacking substance and improves the chances of hitting sales objectives simply because we know more about who’s being engaged. At the same time, saturation coverage is achieved keeping postage costs in the lowest tier.

How Smart Saturation works in digital channels

By first appending physical address lists with email and IP addresses, therefore controlling the target list that is uploaded toFacebook/Instagram, IP Targeting and in Engagement Weave (Instinctive Insights’ proprietary raw email marketing platform), the offers and promotions reach the same households (and often more), as previously identified in the Direct Mail portion of the campaign.

Return on Investment

To truthfully report on conversions requires having names and addresses for those being targeted, and those who’ve joined the club. In a traditional saturation approach, this level of detail is unknown, and conversions are loosely reported using address only. In our traditional, highly targeted method full name and address is known for every household being targeted. The Smart Saturation methodology comes in around 70%, meaning we’re able to get household level data, including names and addresses for about 70%of the target list.

Regardless of which channel is being reported on, we’re using a mix of tight and loose matching to assign attribution and prove campaign ROI.

The Best of Both Worlds

It’s possible to reach larger quantities of potential members without being haphazard about the approach. Smart Saturation is a thoughtful, coordinated approach that minimizes wasted spend, maximizes return and lays the foundation for highly targeted marketing efforts to continue and profit, well beyond pre-sales and grand openings.

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