Profit vs. impressions, reach, and clicks.

July 28, 2022

Why look at lead-acquisition cost when you can instead measure campaign profitability by tracking and linking new customers and their transactions back to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) investments?

That’s an easy answer for companies that rely on their customers to fill their shopping carts and check themselves out. It’s often a challenge for consumer or business purchasing decisions that require more information or decision-making. Here are a few client examples where measuring SEM profit is less straightforward:

• Fitness clubs and gyms that rely on membership joins, typically requiring a phone call, tour, or trial membership period.
• HVAC service providers deal with customers who frequently have an unidentified need that requires immediate resolution, such as plumbing, electrical, or water heater (car care companies operate much the same).
• Senior living communities often have longer sales cycles requiring multiple touchpoints involving both the future resident and their adult-aged influencer children.

We have not yet seen a competitive agency that can track and report on the value and profit of new customers as accurately as we can. Other agencies typically rely on rudimentary metrics like impressions, clicks, and leads. While those provide a nice view of the sales funnel, they don't directly translate to actual transactions and new-customer activity. They don’t strike at the heart of campaign profitability.

We don’t just launch and manage SEM campaigns. We identify and close the technical gaps required to watch and identify prospects when they click, call, or email a company. We then match identifiable prospect information to our clients’ customer and transaction data, thus closing the gap on “who” bought, “what” they bought, and “how much” they spent.

Wrap that all up in a pretty bow, and we can monetize SEM investments by comparing what was spent to what was made.

Instinctive Insights aims to change the marketing conversation from "expense and cost" to "investment and profitability." Every channel and campaign we touch is myopically focused on measuring the client's profitability. Why else do any marketing?

The results speak for themselves; take the numbers from a client we launched in Q4 2021. Their SEM program's lifetime revenue increased to 3,424% (ad dollar spend) vs. only 418% before working with Instinctive Insights. It is impossible to know how much of that improvement was because the previous agency was lackluster or couldn’t monetize SEM. Either way, our client KNOWS what they are getting $34.24 back for every dollar they spend. That’s smart business! That’s what matters!

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of the SEM potential of your business. If we think we are a good fit for your business model, we'll show you precisely what we plan to accomplish and how much we think we'll make you—before you even spend a dime.

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