Results-Focused Marketing

October 4, 2021

Marketing is ultimately about profit, and data-driven marketing practitioners answer the “Did it work?” question with demonstrable and quantifiable ROI answers. Sustainability is the objective as health clubs work through the fallout from 2020. Mandatory closures and reopening with restrictions have taken a significant toll on the Fitness Industry, forcing owners and operators to evaluate all aspects of their businesses. Adaptive marketing investments top the list.

A results-focused approach to health club marketing starts with data-science techniques that identify the households most likely to convert and the channels best suited for each population. Algorithms adapt by adjusting and responding to real-time campaign conversions, so the ideal targets are present in each execution. Because target lists are controlled (i.e., names and addresses are known in most channels), ROI reports are accurate and useful in guiding sustainable, profitable marketing investments.

Daily news cycles influence consumer behaviors to such a degree that it’s imperative to understand the current climate as part of the decision-making process when building out each campaign. Market trends at each club’s location(s) are identified in the reporting process and supply the key information needed to effectively allocate budgets to produce positive ROI and profit.

For example, in recent weeks, we’ve marked that Senior household conversions have fallen sharply, and Referrals have significantly increased. Conversion rates for families with younger children vary based on how much parents are needed to support their child’s distance learning.

Multi-channel marketing is complex. Partner with a group using smart practices that adapt to real-time activity. With the right marketing partner, it is entirely possible to execute profitable marketing campaigns that adapt to reality and provide sustainability to health club businesses.

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