Instinctive Insights Proves ROI in SEM

July 28, 2022

Search engine marketing certainly ranks among the most boring advertising phrases ever coined. For a bunch of folks who are experts at tugging on heartstrings and arousing passion for action among viewers, we have come up with remarkably bland names for our channels.

"Search engine marketing."
"Marketing via the search engine."
"Blah. Blah. Blah."

Where is the excitement? Where is the passion?

Well, as with most engines, it turns out the excitement is under the hood.

SEM is the most precise marketing in history

You already know that Meta and Google control some of the most comprehensive subscriber databases ever assembled. You know that they can allow marketers to drill down to very precise levels of detail, predicting who will buy what items in the days and weeks ahead.

You already know they pull your browser history and feed you articles that relate to what you have already looked at. 

Their predictions are so precise that many think they are listening to your conversations. They aren’t doing that, but they ARE looking at what is happening on your computer and on other browsers in your home. So if your spouse is searching for new shoes, those ads might appear in your feed and on your pages. They have acquired this information appropriately, according to the terms of service for your browser, your phone, and the many affiliated sites you visit regularly. 

We don’t promise everyone 3400% ROI. But we have run a search engine marketing campaign that returned this eye-popping result for a client.

When you load up a new page, the advertising space on your browser page is auctioned and sold in a fraction of a second. So quickly that you don’t even notice it happened between the time you opened the page and when the ad appeared.

But that’s not the exciting part about SEM!

Sure, it’s cutting edge, and more detailed than ever, and lightning fast. But with Instinctive Insights there is so. Much. More.

The real excitement is in our unique tracking capabilities. Let me explain how we have been able to get a measurable ROI of over 400%, in fact over 1000%, time and time again with our clients.

In the traditional method of investing in SEM for businesses, it is not possible to monetize the investment or prove the rate of return. Common practice is for marketing agencies to set Ad Spend and Management Fees, and hit go! None of us knows who is searching for a brand or its services, before or during campaigns, and we surely can’t confirm who took the action we wanted. In this environment, marketing dollars are spent to deliver ads with results being measured by impressions, clicks, and CPC. 

In a world that relies on data to make sound business decisions, we felt the traditional way of doing things leaves too much uncertainty about whether precious marketing budgets are being wisely spent. Our penchant for proving marketing success by monetizing it with facts and figures drove us to tackle this beast so our clients can see just how effective marketing spend matches your campaign goals. 

No other agencies that we’re aware of, have invested the time, money, and talent to build out such a complex tracking system in this channel.

In our world we can of course see all of the traditional campaign performance metrics, and our dedicated SEM team manages campaigns on a daily basis to optimize these results. The differentiator lies in our ability to identify a portion - certainly not all—of the unknown households conducting searches.

Our highly-skilled team has wired sophisticated tracking, enabling our team to identify the unknown households conducting searches online for your brand and for the programs and services you offer. Our active SEM club clients have tracking in place for calls, emails, and form submissions, and it is in this way that the ii data team is able to ‘pick up’ nuggets of info on about 8% - 12% of the full search volume, and match it back to their active membership list to identify conversions.

The ii Way is a True Differentiator.

We can promise over 400% ROI on our ad spend because we don’t just promise you how many screens will carry your ads, or how many eyes will see them. That is traditional marketing, and it has its place. But if you want your advertising dollars to matter, the Instinctive Insights approach is better and is a true differentiator when you are comparing agencies. 

Finally, clubs can measure results in such a way that spending money in SEM is no longer an expense or a necessary evil without insights. The way we manage the channel turns marketing into an investment that shares powerful data that guides future decisions.

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