Is it time for a New Logo?

October 4, 2021

A logo is the public-facing representation of a business and is a specific collection of elements that define its brand identity. Logos are designed to stand the test of time as this visual appearance is what connects consumers to their experiences at said business. The trick is to design a logo that can be modified as the business grows, while maintaining critical elements, such as shape and color, so as not to lose brand recognition. Health clubs for example, add new programs, services and partnerships to the core business that over time, create the need to “rebrand” to better represent the current club model.

This assemblage of shapes and colors takes center stage over copy and should be thoughtfully crafted to remain consistent across all iterations. Full color, black &white, grayscale, with copy and without, each version must remain true in concept. Think of any of the top brands today and how in every ad placement the logo “is what it is”. Nike is a simplistic example, however the fact that no matter where the Nike swoosh appears it is obvious and intentional is not an accident. 

Brainstorm with your team to come up with adjectives that distill the ultimate member experience to its core. Assign colors and shapes to flesh out the concept and work with a designer who is creative, and a storyteller. Don’t overthink things, and don’t oversimplify either. Symbol only logos, like Nike and Apple are versions to aspire toward, not begin with. These brands have evolved their identities overtime to reach icon status, but they didn’t start this way. A logo sets expectation for the consumer, and upon first impression it must be clear what the business is and who they serve.

Competitive industries, like Fitness, are challenged to create logos that are unique and visually differentiate the studio, gym or health club it represents. When done right, the logo becomes an asset to its company through consistent placement and alignment with memorable experiences.

Strive to be different from what is trending by infusing the logo and full brand identity with personality, so your club culture is apparent to all. Think big. Sometimes the logo is a stand-alone piece, but more often additional branding elements are incorporated, as well scale should be considered. There’s a big difference between the sleeve of a tee shirt and a billboard.

These concepts apply whether you’re considering your first logo or modifying a long-standing logo. More tips can be found here:

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