Marketing the Truth

October 4, 2021

A client recently asked us what clever ideas others are using to share the message that health clubs are open, clean, safe, and not spreading the virus. Summarized below are the top ideas we’re seeing.  

Lean on trusted sources for data related to fitness and the spread of COVID. MXM is a leader in the industry and has recently concluded and shared their Visits To Virus study. The CDC is another resource to tap.

Social Media, YouTube and the club’s website are “go-to” resources for members and non-members to learn what the club is doing to adhere to guidelines and ensure healthy, in-person member experiences

Create Short Videos

Create short videos for Social Channels and Emails.

  • Cleaning/sanitizing in action
  • Staff testimonials – addressing individual personal concerns for themselves and their families, as they return to work
  • Member testimonials – same here, ask about their individual concerns for themselves and their families as they return to the club, and then how the current cleaning and social distancing protocols make them feel
  • Feature members working with a trainer, taking a class, dropping kids at child care, and so on
  • Showcase the member experience through the eyes of members
  • Management should explain the club’s action plan to notify all parties if a staff or club member tests positive

Use Video Snippets

Social posts can use video snippets as well as creating static posts.

  • Facts about the spread of the virus
  • Links to credible resources
  • Use graphics to easily express the post’s content
  • Members in the club
  • Pics of members in various places in the club
  • Add short, fun, inviting captions

Host Videos on YouTube

Set up a YouTube channel and direct all video links from all channels here.

  • Longer videos are ok in YouTube – people seem to expect longer versions and will sit through full videos
  • YouTube also serves as a repository for all videos giving folks the chance to view multiple club videos in one sitting

Keep Current Info Front and Center

Websites should have a dedicated space that is front and center for all to see as soon as they enter the site that shares the most current, and up to date information for members and non-members to access.

  • Consistent Communication is A Must
  • Establish a schedule to share timely, relevant info with Active members, and those on Freeze and Cancelled - reach out to Non-members, too
  • The easiest option is Email, other tools are phone calls and texts

Private Tours

Facility Tours are traditionally one of the ways non-members decide if they want to join a health club, and these days ‘walk-ins' asking for a club tour are almost non-existent.

  • Members on Freeze and those who have cancelled are also seeking tours these days
  • Promote reserving a private tour
  • Including low usage times of day in the promotion is proving helpful in generating interest
  • Virtual Tours are springing up now, where club staff sets a video meeting with a member or prospect to be “taken around the club” via a tablet to see what everything looks like before ever setting foot into the club to help deliver confidence with “seeing is believing”

Encourage folks to share this content. The truth needs to be spread about the Fitness Industry’s role in the virus and that is as a SOLUTION. No data exists showing the virus is spread at health clubs, plenty of data exists proving that the virus is NOT spread at health clubs. We all need to do our part to get this critical message out to the masses.

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