Let Others Use Your Brand … To Your Benefit

October 4, 2021

Marketing Content should be engaging, affordable, and effective. But even with the right content in play, getting the attention of new—and former—members of a fitness brand is no easy task. Recent changes in how marketers are allowed to use consumer data in advertising have forced marketers to continually adapt to ever-changing creative strategies.

Instinctive Insights is a ROI-focused marketing group. Our smart use of available consumer data—used to guide profitable marketing and growth investments,—is the cornerstone of our organization. We understand that data isn't the only factor to success; compelling creative content from trusted, relevant sources and respected content curators are key to marketing success.

Social media platforms each have their own voice and audience. Brand integrity is often challenging to promote in a way that connects with the unique populations on various social channels. For example, a recent conversation with one of our clients centered on the great success on their company Facebook, while their Instagram performance is comparatively weak.

After review, it was clear that the Instagram content and design needed to be adjusted to better connect with their followers on that channel. The new strategy now includes promoting the brand by allowing, and in fact inviting, key personalities to use its images, free of charge and at will. The client identified staffers and members who are proficient in social media and now have followers eagerly waiting for their next post!

In a health club setting, the practical application of this strategy begins with an understanding of the make-up of the platform's followers. Facebook hosts a broad audience with a variety of ages and demographics, but skews toward older users. Instagram appeals to the younger, more tech savvy crowd. Knowing your audience as they appear on each platform and curating the most appealing images and content for their interests is the first step. Develop channel-specific creative with these populations in mind to establish a library of evergreen pictures and videos that local influencers can use at will as part of their own channels. Members will identify with creative developed by life stage - moms are sharing "me time" and kid's programs, while young adults are sharing their experiences and personal accomplishments.

Now the fun part: Invite local social influencers—trusted staff and members with moderate to high volumes of social media followers—to promote the club and easily share these new assets. They'll be excited to have great club images and content to generate more engaging posts!

This method is inspired by heavy-hitting brands that rely heavily on social media influencers to promote their products. It's effective for them because of the loyalty, trust, authenticity these influencers have fostered in their following. While just a page from that playbook, this strategy is simple to modify for small-to-medium size businesses. It's organic, and it encourages staff and members to celebrate workouts, milestones, events, and more. Their followers engage, and the club's brand is organically placed in front of more like-minded non-members. The experiences these posts describe are authentic, unprompted, and unscripted. In brand engagement, there is no substitute for authenticity and enthusiasm. Best of all, it costs nothing.

Social media channel optimization can create more followers and new members for your brand. Combined with data-science tactics that specifically target the households identified as most likely to convert, this strategy is powerful, effective, and affordable.

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