October 4, 2021

We the proud members of the Fitness Industry are in the fight of our lives. A fight that is about much more than the financial impact of forced closures or operational restrictions. We all know Fitness is Essential, and so the passionate owners and operators of our country’s Health Clubs, Gyms, Boutiques, Studios, Suppliers, Industry Alliances and Associations are united to spread the truth.

Communities around the world rely on their local fitness professionals and facilities to get and stay healthy. And in a time of great isolation, health of body, mind, and spirit is more important than ever. In fact, “Research has demonstrated that our physical wellbeing directly correlates to our emotional well-being, particularly during times of stress.”

As of this writing in early December 2020, many states have again enacted capacity restrictions and re-closed gyms and health clubs. And so, we need to continue the fight. We must continue to educate local governments on the importance fitness. Continue to educate them on the significant facility investments that have been made to keep members safe. And continue to educate them on how the whole community benefits from better health.

As a Fitness Industry Supplier, we've been grateful for the opportunity to support the industry in these challenging times. Now, more than six months in, we continue to dedicate resources and provide useful, actionable information. Early shut down work can be found here.


Current and complete list of State Fitness Alliances, https://www.ihrsa.org/industry-leadership/state-alliances/. Hard-working club owners, operators and dedicated fitness professionals from across the country are all volunteering time to create state coalitions whose purpose is to educate local officials about the role fitness plays in the health of our communities, and to ask for their help in getting and keeping health clubs and gyms open.

Market Insights

Our active clients provide us with important insights about the market right now.

  • New Movers are converting especially well in about every market we’re working in
  • Alumni/Former Members are also converting well
  • Freeze/Hold populations seem to be “dug in,” closely watching news cycles to decide when to reactivate
  • Seniors and Families with Young Children continue to be especially challenging to convert
  • Digital and Social Channels are the smart investments right now
  • Digital channels provide the ability to update messaging on the fly, reduce spend, or stop campaigns completely - no matter how the business landscape changes, we can react immediately with digital marketing


Aside from our ability to source and share information, and because of the ongoing uncertainty over whether gyms will remain open in the coming weeks and months, we’re offering to plan campaigns “for free,” so the opportunity to convert new members isn’t missed. Rather than leaving club clients stuck with a partial bill for a campaign they could not or should not execute, we’re setting hard cut off dates to stop a campaign that should not execute before it incurs hard costs and our time (i.e., proposal/data/creative) is at no cost to the client in this scenario.

Next Steps

The question to ask now is, “What can you do to support the Fitness Industry?” We’re inviting those with a personal stake in the success of the Fitness Industry to join the #Fight4Fitness in whatever capacity they can, and below are a few ideas for consideration.

  • We can all spread the word on social channels and in email – include #Fight4Fitness #ExerciseisMedicine #GymsareEssential
  • Join—or start—your state’s Fitness Alliance to be part of a team of advocates dedicated to protecting local fitness clubs
  • Club owners can invite local decision makers into their facilities to gain firsthand experience of the cleaning and distancing protocols in place
  • Through the State Fitness Alliance, or as an independent group of local club owners, fitness business professionals in each state can invite their politicians and decision-makers to partner together in the development of safe and healthy standards for clubs to reopen and stay open

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