Engagement Tracking for ROI

October 4, 2021

Smart marketing is now the norm. Marketing budgets are tightly managed, and every dollar spent must be accounted for. The treasure trove of available consumer data has shifted how health clubs find, target and connect with highly qualified prospects. Gone are the days of slugging postcards and emails out to the universe with the hope that conversions are realized. However, the ability to translate engagements into conversions and further, proving ROI continues to evade many club operators.

The paradigm shift from traditional marketing tactics to smart marketing tactics allows for accurate ROI calculations using a process called Engagement Tracking. For this process to work, it’s critical to preserve who was engaged, when, via what channel, and with what offer or call to action. Engagement tracking processes then match who was marketed to with who joined the club, to definitively tie sales back to marketing tactics.

Accurate ROI tracking validates marketing spend and eliminates the “why are we doing this?” from marketing investments. The Instinctive Insights processes are rooted in data. Every campaign starts and ends with the story the data tells, and engagement tracking is one way we help our clients drill down to the truth of their marketing strategies. Instinctive Insights’ processes remove the guesswork and identify what’s working, where the profitability lies and how to launch future campaigns with the greatest chance of success.

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