Drip Campaigns for ROI

October 4, 2021

Drip Campaigns exist to acquire new customers, clients or members. The methodology involves "trickling” content to leads and prospects over time, strategically nurturing them through the marketing funnel. Information is delivered to consumers who have yet to engage with a brand, and for those who have engaged, to earn their repeat business, and for them to make referrals and even spend more with you. A well-done drip campaign inspires action – to buy something, to join the club, to invest in a new service.

Email marketing is a great example of an effective drip marketing channel. Email has been available to the general population since the ‘90s and has evolved into an effective marketing channel. Sure, there have been trials and errors and learning along the way. By now we’re all familiar with SPAM! But when done properly and with integrity, Email Marketing is profitable.

These Five Pillars are the basis of sound Email Marketing drip campaigns.

Identify Targets

Consumer Data is free flowing and readily available in the US, providing much more than an email address, but true insights about a household. Smart marketers use data to learn about individuals and households to decide which to target. The reality is there are several hundred points of data regularly collected on each of us with every login, web search, credit card purchase and social post being tracked and sold to third-party data aggregators. Census data also contributes useful nuggets to flesh out the life stages of individuals and households and marketers purchase said data to guide targeting choices in marketing campaigns.

Be Relevant

By knowing as much as can be known about the households and individuals being targeted, relevant messages should be created, and relevance in marketing is huge. In most scenarios, one size fits all messaging loses the battle, time and again.

The sheer volume of information via promotions, offers, ads, videos, messages and more have overwhelmed the average adult to a degree that engagement was dwindling, and positive campaign performance was harder for businesses to achieve. The end result of this challenge is the intentional development of specific content engineered to resonate with its recipients.

Customize and Personalize Content

Smart marketing practices rely on data that learns from consumer responses, and adjusts content to create individual, personalized experiences that produce higher engagement, more referrals and increased conversions.

Educate and Inform

Don’t wear out your welcome by continuously asking for the sale, with one offer after another to buy, join, invest, etc. The better strategy is to position your brand as the trusted expert, the sought-out source of information consumers need and want. Deliver relevant, customized and useful information prospects come to rely on to improve their quality of life, with timely offers woven in that relate to the useful content – making the natural connection for prospects to shift from observer to participant.

Follow the Rules

Respect and follow established rules to maintain brand integrity and ensure deliverability of the content that’s been invested in. It’s easy to compromise email campaigns by not knowing the acceptable practices in place to safeguard consumers. Useful information can be found here:  https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business

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