Does Your Club Collect Valid Data?

October 4, 2021

A crucial recommendation we make to our Club Clients is emphasizing the collection of “full name and physical or mailing addresses” – even when using digital channels for lead collection. Names and addresses unlock a treasure trove of demographic and psychographic details on consumers, which can then be used to make data-driven marketing decisions based on the type of people that are attracted to one club brand vs. another.  

All Health Club Owners and Operators understand how competitive the fitness industry is and know the importance of establishing their brand’s unique presence. One way to do this is to collect valid data that can be used to engage and convert more of the local non-member population that connects with the brand.

Data collection that is limited to email address only – as an example – limits or outright prevents a Club from tapping the full potential of consumer data. Collecting physical addresses on prospects and members, along with their full name, are the key pieces of data needed to truly dig in and learn about the household. This in turn, informs marketing strategies and much more.

Best practices include establishing procedures for all staff, in particular front line staff who don’t always have the luxury of seeing the full impact of their actions, to collect specific data points, and to consistently enter them into the Club’s CMS platform following established protocols. (i.e. Street vs ST or St or St., etc.)

The Instinctive Insights Team is well-versed in data. We know how to collect, clean, manage and use it, and further, we are intimately familiar with the various CMS platforms most Clubs are using to collect and manage member data. Get in touch if you’re struggling to harness your Club’s data, we can help you clean it up and make use of it to grow your business. If you’ve got a handle on your Club’s data, we’ll work with you to share crucial member insights that result in a healthier bottom line.

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