Controlling Targets, Optimizing for Positive ROI

October 4, 2021

Marketing attribution has become a bit of a challenge and hot topic of discussion as Clubs manage a plethora of channels to promote their services. One critical benefit to “controlling” the target list – across channels – is being able to “match” the names, addresses, emails, IP Addresses or social media profiles back to marketing engagement and investments.

A properly curated and cleaned list managed within a data schema designed to measure profitability helps Clubs analyze their Return on Investment regardless of how consumers engage, behave and self-report “why did you stop by the club today”.

In the data-driven world we’ve built at Instinctive Insights we go beyond simply controlling target lists by leveraging the results from every channel in play to understand performance at a granular level, to create the appropriate targeting mix for the next campaign, and the one after that.

We invest time in understanding how individual targets perform when engaged with Direct Mail and Facebook and what happens when Email is added – or removed from the mix. By controlling the target list from the start, we’re able to identify the influence individual channels have on targets and are able to establish the most profitable strategy for each next campaign.

When multi-channel marketing strategies are in play, it’s paramount to know which households are being targeted by each channel in the mix, how said households respond with each engagement and to use this information to optimize campaigns that produce positive ROI.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about how we magically pull this off.

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