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We empower our clients to focus on providing exceptional resident experiences, while we focus on saving them time, money and getting new leads.  

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You Empower Residents. We Empower You.

Your mission is to enable individuals, families and seniors with quality of life through community. You’re invested in planning, developing and building homes and ultimately, lifestyles, with the custom features and attention to detail that suit the needs of, and appeal to buyers’ desires.

These communities aren’t for everyone, but for those seeking to live intentionally. Details matter, and you’ve addressed them all! From low maintenance living and high-quality, sustainable materials, to purposeful connections with nature and a respect for privacy and quiet solitude, your residents experience life on their terms.

At Instinctive Insights we respect the investment – and intention of your organization. Our services are designed to help you identify the right people by taking a data first approach. Tactics and execution channels are determined by the story the data tells.

Efficient, Budget-Conscious Strategies

Persona-based data is developed to drive predictive modeling algorithms that analyze results and optimize campaigns for future success, aka Machine Learning. We lead the direct-engagement marketing industry with our proprietary models that are helping our clients achieve tremendous success in finding, reaching and engaging the prospects most likely to take the desired action—to connect with you!

Make Channel Decisions Confidently

These days, there are so many channels to choose from. Most Planned and Senior Living Communities don’t have time to make sense of it all. The systematic, logic-based approach we take minimizes the guesswork about which channels are performing and which aren’t. And like everything we do at Instinctive Insights, this enables budgetary decisions to be made with sound information, based on careful analysis.

If you are not working with Instinctive Insights, you need to start. You may not fully understand what they are doing, but it works. Some of the smartest business partners I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
Rob Krohn
Franchise Marketing Manager
Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc

The Instinctive Insights systems and processes enable our Planned & Senior Living clients to make smart marketing decisions using sound information, based on careful analysis.

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