IP Targeting

PPC Alternative — 100% Cookie-Free


Revolutionizing programmatic advertising by matching physical addresses to IP addresses. We target real people in real households, focusing on sales and positive ROI within each campaign. Metrics like click-through rates are helpful regarding delivery stats, yet they are not, nor should they be the focus when it comes to ROI.

Unlike most other online advertising tools, we do not use online cookie data, rather we use and verify offline data which drastically reduces the potential of non-human bot traffic.

IP Targeting with Instinctive Insights gives advertisers the ability to target their intended online customer base by onboarding and matching CRM data with real time IP address location for true one-to-one marketing.

Geoframe local venues, competing clubs and more with Venue Replay. Device IDs for those traveling into the targeted area are captured, and home IP addresses are appended to those devices so ads can be delivered to prospects while on the go, and at home!

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