Text Your Promos!

Making it Easy for Prospects to Engage


Be wherever your prospects and their mobile devices are.

Text messaging makes it easy for future members to respond to promotions, claim offers, and engage with your brand no matter where they are.

Incorporating a Text Keyword call-to-action will enhance other outbound marketing efforts by providing an instant-response method. When added to print or digital ads, Text Keyword Marketing serves as a powerful lead capture mechanism.

Offers Claimed

Encourage prospects to claim offers and join online with a lower barrier to entry! Many today prefer to engage by text to save time and reduce complexity. Text as a call to action meets people where they’re at.

Leads Captured

Text responses are a great way to uncover who engaged during a campaign, but did not join. Not only have these prospects expressed interest in your club; they have opted into future text message communication. Don’t miss this valuable method of capturing interested prospects worth pursuing.


Text Keyword Marketing is a simple add-on to other efforts that boosts engagement, captures prospect data, and is priced under $100, per keyword per campaign.

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