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Market Penetration Study

Our Market Penetration Study is the process we go through to develop a presentation that identifies a club’s current market strengths and areas of opportunity to convert highly qualified new members.

The Process begins with your Member Data, which is one of your most valuable assets, and it plays a big role in understanding which prospects to target. Our Data Gurus clean your member data, enhance it with over 600 demographic and psychographic elements, and analyze the results to uncover more about your current members than you ever imagined possible.

Next we create a Marketing Database of all possible targets and apply predictive models to take the guesswork out of deciding which channels to invest in and how large the target audience should be.

Lastly, we bring it all together in presentation format with recommended campaign activity, including budget, projected new member conversions and campaign ROI.

ROI is of paramount importance to Us and our Club Clients.

The way to optimize campaign performance to deliver positive ROI starts with Data. Not just having data, but knowing how to clean, analyze and enhance it to get a clear understanding of who to target. Waste is eliminated, spend is reduced, conversions are increased and so is ROI.

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