Engagement Weave

Making it Easy for Prospects to Engage


Profitable and Cost-effective Prospect Email Marketing

RAW Email Marketing is the acquisition of email addresses for a household that has not engaged a Club’s Brand. It is not the traditional, permission-based, opt-in email address collection. These RAW recipients have not been members in the past, nor have they provided their email address for marketing purposes. So why are clubs using this tool? Because when done right, it’s profitable (ROI), and cost-effective.

While it won’t generate a ton of new members for a club it will produce positive ROI. Part of “doing it right” includes careful list selection - purchasing only the subset of the population most likely to live an active lifestyle and is a demographic fit with the club’s membership profile.

The best use of the Engagement Weave is as a layer within a multi-channel mix, and one that drips content to prospects on a regular basis. It fills the gaps between larger campaigns and was built to nurture prospects toward taking action.

It’s our job at Instinctive Insights to understand the diverse marketing tools that bring clubs like yours new members.

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