Call To Action

Making it Easy for Prospects to Engage


It’s critical once you finally get the attention of a prospect to make it quick and easy for them to engage with the offer being presented. In addition to our diverse channel mix, we include a variety of methods for prospects to get in touch for more information, free passes and to join the club!


Text opt-ins serve two purposes. One is to collect prospect contact information, and the second is to encourage the claiming of offers and online joins. Many today prefer to engage by text for the information they’re seeking, rather than calling for details. Text as a call to action is meeting people where they’re at and is proving to be effective.

Landing Pages

Links to forms pages from digital ads, emails (even on post cards!) assists in collecting prospect contact information for future use, and of course is an easy, direct way for prospects to claim the offer. Autoresponders and in club notifications are set up to manage incoming leads without missing a beat!

Call Tracking

Toll free and local exchanges are available to track and record incoming calls from prospects responding to offers. Reporting on incoming prospect calls to these dedicated phone numbers serves as an additional tracking layer and recordings are useful for staff training.

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