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Marketing is Like Fitness

Marketing is as complicated and overwhelming to club and gym operators as getting in shape is to the average nonmember. In the same way Fitness Professionals instruct, teach and guide clients to a healthier lifestyle, our multi-disciplinary team of Marketing Experts has the experience, tools and processes that help our clients in the Fitness Industry achieve a healthy bottom line.

Data is the core of our approach, and we’re experts at finding the opportunity where it lies: in prospect behaviors. We turn 600+ demographic and psychographic data elements into intelligent target strategies that find and engage the right audience.

Our processes prove—or disprove ROI based on the story the data tells. We’ve engineered fitness industry based, predictive modeling algorithms that adjust to campaign results and select the “best of the best” prospects for future campaigns. The models are predicting the likelihood of marketing success for every “next” campaign. 

"It’s not random sending and spending with Instinctive Insights."

Kelly W. Snook, Communications Director

Efficient, Budget-Conscious Strategies

Future campaign spend is predictable and adjustable. Revenue goals are met through optimization of Persona-based targets, to direct reinvestment to those that are achieving, and resting those that aren’t at peak performance.

Make Channel Decisions Confidently

These days, there are so many channels to choose from. And most fitness clubs don’t have time to make sense of it all. The systematic, logic-based approach we take minimizes the guesswork about which channels are performing and which aren’t. And like everything we do at Instinctive Insights, this enables budgetary decisions to be made with sound information, based on careful analysis.

Results Reporting

Tight match back reporting is where ROI reporting begins and ends at II. Reporting is clear, our clients understand precisely which new members received a post card or digital ad, through name and address matching. Anything less is a fuzzy match, and in our philosophy doesn’t represent true return on investment.

Our clients make smart marketing decisions about who to engage, and which channels are worthy of investment.

their hands-on, transparent approach and attention to detail with our mailing campaigns mirrors what many clubs we spoke with had to say about them as we researched engaging in a business relationship with them. By bringing intelligent data to our direct mail, it is evident to us very early on that Instinctive Insights will be able to deliver better ROI to an important, but challenging piece of our marketing mix. Thank you for your work thus far and look forward to working together for the long run!
Brian Comerford
Marketing Manager

The Instinctive Insights systems and processes enable our Fitness clients to make smart marketing decisions using sound information, based on careful analysis.

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